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Don’t we all just love the long days and relaxation of summer? I know we do! We couldn’t think of a better oil to finish off the summer with than Vetiver. This calming, stress reducing oil will help you keep alive the relaxation of summer long after the temperatures have dropped and your tan has faded. Never heard of Vetiver? Well, Vetiver hails from India and is oftentimes considered a sacred herb for its many uses and positive impact on both the mind and body. It has a delicate, earthy scent that is soothing and calming, making it an ideal companion to meditation and yoga. Vetiver also has a cooling, comforting effect when it comes to regulating mood. Whenever you find yourself feeling tempers flare and passions inflamed, a whiff of Vetiver essential oil can help calm the senses and restore you to tranquility. There are some reports of Vetiver essential oil being an aphrodisiac as well; creating a romantic atmosphere that stimulates sexual desire. You will have to try diffusing or adding a few drops to some massage oil with your significant other and experience its sensuality for yourself! For this month only we are offering up to 70% OFF this restorative oil!

Here are some of the MANY benefits of Vetiver:

  • Soothes Nerves

    Vetiver can be an effective aid against anxiety. Studies have shown Vetiver’s neurological effects to be similar to those produced by common anxiety medications. The benefits can be felt by simply inhaling its aroma. In a similar way Vetiver essential oil can also help with the symptoms of ADHD and ADD. A study done in 2001 showed Vetiver helped increase focus and concentration while also reducing fidgety and restless behaviors.
  • Powerful Antioxidant

    Every moment, of every day, your body is working to prevent the damaging effects of free radicals. What are free radicals? To put it simply, they are very unstable molecules that can damage healthy DNA and tissues. Antioxidants help reduce and prevent the destructive impact of free radicals. Studies have shown Vetiver to be significantly effective at reducing and inhibiting free radical activity. Antioxidants play an important role in maintaining your youth and your overall health.
  • Regenerative

    Keeping our bodies healthy should be our number one priority but more often than not life gets in the way. Whether it is work, family, friends, or errands taking time to reboot seems next to impossible. Adding Vetiver to your daily routine is a fast and simple way to jump-start your body’s natural restoration process. It stimulates the immune system and supports the nervous system. By reducing stress levels and its negative effects, the body is finally able to focus on and perform regenerative functions. In essence, you allow your body to switch from defense to offense-not only preventing but also ridding itself of unwanted toxins
  • Skin Repair

    Vetiver has been shown to promote the regeneration of skin cells, making it an excellent home remedy for many skin ailments. Applying topically can help heal scars, reduce stretch marks, and diminish signs of acne. Simply add a few drops of Vetiver to your body and/or face wash. Vetiver’s regenerative effects also help prevent premature aging and help keep skin healthy. The antiseptic properties of Vetiver help prevent infections and make it an excellent addition to wound healing ointments.

What are some simple ways to use Vetiver?

  • Refreshing Bath: Add 5-10 drops of Vetiver to a warm bath and soak. You’ll feel relaxed and refreshed when you’re finished. It’s also great for your skin!
  • On-the-Go Use: Place 1-2 drops of Vetiver on your wrists and neck. The aroma will be both stress relieving and focus promoting.
  • Tranquil Environment: Diffuse 3-6 drops of Vetiver throughout your home. This will cleanse the air and create a relaxing environment.
  • Skin Care: Add 1-2 drops of Vetiver to your daily body and face wash. This promotes healing, reduces acne, and slows aging.
  • Internally: Add 1 drop to at least 4 ounces of water and enjoy or add 3-4 drops to a veggie capsule and swallow with 4-8 ounces of water.

What are you waiting for?

Vetiver is a wonderfully grounding oil a few drops in your diffuser creates an atmosphere that restores balance and connectedness with the earth and yourself. With regular use it can restore and regenerate both the mind and the body, leaving you happier and healthier every day. Whether you’re buying for yourself, family, or friends at 50, 60, & 70% OFF you really can’t go wrong! Hurry! This offer is only available for the month of August (or while supplies last) so order now!

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